Feb 19, 2010

The New American Family:

A few months ago I was looking for fabric to make my three year old a blanket, I wanted it to have little kids who looked like her and to be bright and happy. I searched everywhere and came up with nothing, finally I decided to use my graphic design skill and create my own fabric line. The blanket came out nice, and she truly loved seeing kids who looked like her. My daughter is from Haiti and when we become a bi-racial family I became acutely aware that there is a real lack of products on the market that represent families that look like mine, and for that matter any families that represent the modern American family. Two moms, two papas, single parents, single adoptive parents, adoptive families, bi and tri racial families. I graduated with a B.A. in graphic design and culture studies, my actual thesis was on how design and art can positively influence culture, with this line I hope that in a tiny way I can make a positive difference and offer support to families like mine. With this fabric line I hope to show what the current American family looks like in 2010 and offer an sense of inclusiveness to all the families who are changing the idea of a “Normal Family“. We are normal, we are all unique and what we all have in common is the experience of love and togetherness, the experience of being a family.

For more photos and information check out the etsy site---->
Yardage: Prices for Quilting Weight Cotton.: Fat Quarter (21" x 18") is 17.00, One yard (42" x 36") is 34.00.

Also available:
Organic Cotton Sateen
Bamboo-Cotton Rayon
Upholstery Weight Cotton Twill

Please email travelingsistertms @ hotmail. com for other fabric and price options.


  1. Oh wow! These are truly lovely...and just so RIGHT. You are very, very clever...

  2. I can't wait to place an order. Beautiful. A sewing student of mine sent me your etsy link and I'm so glad she thought of me.

  3. I LOVE these fabrics! Thank you for creating them. It is so true about the lack of modern American families...we are no longer the typical blonde blue-eyed family of mom, dad, boy, girl, and happy dog. Thank you.I am going to spread the word, especially with crafting/quilting friends.

  4. Ohhh! Thank you guys!! I am so happy you like them, I hope lots of "non-traditional" families can connect with these fabrics.

  5. Those are so cute. Can you ship to Germany?

  6. I can, I just got an order from the Faroe Islands which is really far away! Send me an email at and we can talk.

  7. very cool!! i am no sewer, but i'd love to come up with a project where i could use this!


  8. These are fabulous. I'll be at your Etsy door sometime soon.

    Can't wait for the day that "non-traditional' families are the new traditional. Or, perhaps we need a better word for traditional. Post modern? Cooler than traditional? Beautiful? My fave - 'What - did you all just come from a boring white family with a mom and a dad?'

    Best I can do for just past 6am.

  9. Thank you for the link. I think that your designs are just beautiful! I am planning a project and plan on using this in it.

  10. I'm so impressed! (My own gifts lie far afield from this - way to use yours for the becoming-more-common good!)